Friday, January 8, 2010

Funeral Home turned Mexican Restaurant?

The other morning we woke up to snow on the ground (again) so I had Alex drive me to work because I don’t like driving in the snow, and he didn’t mind anyway. We made plans to go eat at this really good Mexican restaurant right around the corner from my work, he picks me up and we drive over to the above mentioned restaurant. The place recently moved to a new location so it was our first time at the new much nicer location. We park on the side of the building and walk to the front and I notice we have to walk under a weird drive through type overhang thing, we reach the “grand” front doors and it hits me like a 200 lb dead body…this place eerily resembles a FUNERAL HOME!! Ewww! We went in and had dinner anyway, even the inside reminded me of a converted funeral home owned by the mafia. I could totally see this place in a movie, drug trafficking through the dead bodies in the funeral home gets busted so they turn it into a legit Mexican restaurant cover and continue the trafficking. lol Sick, I know.

Moving on…we finish dinner and we are back in the car. We decided at the last minute to go to the mall since we were so close to tax free shopping! We start driving out of the well lit parking lot and get out onto the “main” dark desolate road and yep, it’s dark alright (we don’t have street lights around here)! Alex asks, “Do you have your head lights on?” I reply, “Of course silly, I never turn them off” we both say, “why is it so dark then”! I pull into the next shopping center a minute further down the road and double check to make sure my head lights are in fact in the ON position and they are, so we both get out to check it out and…NOTHING, darkness! GREAT! We are over an hour away from our house! Obviously we decided not to go to the mall and just go straight home instead…using the high beams the entire way! It was quite comical really, I mean, what are the chances BOTH of my head lights would go out at the exact same time?? I know what you are thinking, duh! If they were both put in at the same time they would likely go out at the same time! But that’s not the case here; my head lights have NEVER both go out at the same time! I’m convinced it was the cursed mafia drug trafficking funeral home turned Mexican restaurant. Anyway, we made it home safe and sound, blinding everyone we passed along the way with only 1 person flashing me their high beams. In conclusion, the food wasn’t as good as it once was (I was so sick when I got home) and we ended up going to the non-tax free mall last night.

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  1. LOL funny and eerie all at the same time. Sorry the food made you sick- Mexican mafia curse?


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