Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Baby Is 2!!

Isaiah actually turned 2 years old last Wednesday but we celebrated him this past weekend, on the 22nd which happened to be my sister's birthday. lol

I can't even believe he is 2 already!! Crazy how time flies! Come join the party!

The party was monster truck themed so we had trucks everywhere, on the table cloth, on the cake, "driving" up the cookies, into the chips, on the temporary tattoos scattered around the table.

The FOOD!! Everyone loves food! We had all kinds of goodies, a huge monster truck cake, chips, chips, cookies, cookies (yes, 2 kinds of each), brownies, chocolate chip stuffed raspberries, fruit salad, baby carrots.

The party people. Hanging out. Playing. Yes, we have a swing set slide in our living don't? You don't know what you're missing.

The CAKE! I was originally going to make the cake but at the last minute we decided to just buy one. The one we found at our local grocery store was PERFECT! Isaiah loved it, he wouldn't leave it alone on the table. He kept trying to take the truck off before it was time. lol Last year he didn't like everyone singing, this year he was ok with it up until everyone said his name in the happy birthday song then he started crying. I don't know if it scared him or what but he wasn't a fan. lol Also, we never practiced blowing out candles so we let big brother handle that part.

The GIFTS! Isaiah ended up with the perfect gifts for his taste at the moment. He got a trash truck that lifts the trash can and dumps the "yuck" (as Isaiah calls it) into the truck. He got a playmobil bus because he is into them right now. He also got a monster truck that drives and does wheelies. He got a fire truck he can push himself around on. I also created a shutterfly photo book with pictures from the monster truck show we recently took him to. He loved everything!

Since Picnik closed I've been using PicMonkey to create my photo collages and I have to say, I love it, maybe even more than Picnik!

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