Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Review

We decided to purchase the 30 Day Shred while doing some last minute Christmas shopping the other day. The video says you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days; I'm not over weight or anything but we can all stand to lose a little, right? The video includes 3 complete 20-minute workouts which progress by level of intensity, 20 minutes didn’t sound too bad to me – little did I know…

I have never seen The Biggest Loser so I didn’t really know what to expect from a Jillian workout. I did read a review on the 30 Day Shred shortly before purchasing and it said it was quite intense. On the other hand I have a sister-in-law that is a big fan of Jillian and is currently 5 months pregnant; she said she “easily” does level 3 and has moved on to the 40 minute workouts, PREGNANT! (40 minute workouts not included on the 30 day shred video)

Alex asked if I would do the workouts with him, I told him I would need to see him do it 1st to see just how intense it was before I agreed to do it with him for the next 30 days. So the 1st time he did the workout I watched, he only made it through the 1st 10 minutes of the video before almost passing out! I wasn’t so sure about this whole 30 day workout.

The next day was Christmas so neither of us did it.

Then yesterday we took a different sister-in-law out to an amazing buffet lunch/dinner, we were all so over stuffed when we left it was disgusting! We brought her back to our house to hang out and play wii, we had all been talking about the 30 day shred on Christmas when we were over at their house and everyone seemed really into trying it. So before we took her back home she wanted to try the workout, I decided to try it with her, yes, even after watching Alex almost die the day before.

It started out easy enough, arm circles, windmills, hip circles and knee circles, not too bad, I could handle this. We then went into jumping jacks; this was starting to remind me of gym class. She then instructed us to get down on the floor for some push ups, PUSH UPS; I can’t do 1 push up let a lone a bunch of them! I tried but did not make it through the 1st round, lets face it, my arms are like tooth picks and when’s the last time you saw a tooth pick doing push ups?

We both made it through the rest of the video and it was HARD! Half way through my legs felt like noodles! We rested for a little while then set out to take SIL home; I was feeling ok until I started descending the stairs! I was a little worried about being able to lift my leg to work the gas and break peddles! lol

It is a pretty intense workout, especially for someone who never does any physical activity what. so. ever., except chasing after an 8 year old but that’s fun not work! All in all it wasn’t too bad, like she says in the video, if you want results you have to work for it, it doesn’t come for free. I did day 2 with Alex today and lived to write this review, so I guess that proves it wasn’t too terrible. It will be interesting to see if we I really stick with it for 30 days though. I can definitely see how you would lose weight quickly or die trying with this workout!

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