Monday, November 29, 2010

Maternity Clothes – How long is TOO long?

Maternity clothes - worn by women to accommodate changes in body size during pregnancy.
Key words there DURING PREGNANCY. So how long is too long to continue wearing maternity clothes after having a baby?

We all know our bodies don’t automatically return to our pre-pregnancy size the minute the baby is out, wouldn’t that be nice though! I’m sure some women never return to their pre-pregnancy size (and I’d like to think they don’t continue wearing maternity clothes forever), some women work hard excursing and watching what they eat in order to return to their pre-pregnancy size and then there are those women who do little to nothing to return to their original size. I have done nothing, and I'm still wearing the maternity clothes to prove it.

While I do still wear my maternity pants they don’t quite fit right anymore, they are borderline too big and if I put anything in my pocket I can feel them slowly sliding down AND baby is 10 weeks old now, is it acceptable to even admit that I’m still wearing them? Maybe if they weren’t so comfy I wouldn’t still be wearing them because I am able to just barely squeeze into my regular pants but they are a bit on the tight/uncomfortable side, oh and they don’t quite button yet either, but they are very close. I guess I could probably get away with using the belly band for a little while again (but lets remember the comfort the maternity pants offer, ahh). After all, I gradually started fitting into maternity clothes over the course of 9 months so it makes sense to gradually work my way out of them right, right?

So…how long did YOU wear your maternity clothes?

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