Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nap Time Activities

Hi guys! It's Isaiah! Usually my mom does stuff on the computer but I thought I'd give her a break today.

So there's this thing called nap time that my Mom tries to get me to do a few times a day. It's where we go lay in the big bed for a while. I don't like it, it's boring. Mommy says I need naps or I get cranky and walk around the house sad and whining. I'm only sad and whining because she isn't entertaining me good enough. She takes me to the big bed anyway.

I came up with some things that make nap time less boring though.

I like to start nap time by singing, like those kids in High School Musical I see on TV. Mommy says I'm a good singer but that I choose the wrong time to do it.

Then I move on to humming. I can hum really loud! Mommy tries to join in but hers comes out like Shhh instead. She isn't very good at it.

I also like to make a sputtering noise with my mouth. That's fun because my hands get all wet with slobber. Slobber is fun to play with.

I also like to wave my arms all around. Sometimes I accidentally hit Mommy in the face, I think it's funny but she doesn't.

Then I play peek-a-boo with the big blanket. That way I can still wave my arms around. I think Mommy thinks it's fun too but she tries not to let me see her laughing. Apparently you aren't supposed to laugh during nap time.

Sometimes I pretend like I'm going to lay there but then I get up on my hands and knees and ram my head into the wall. It makes a loud noise which is cool because it's so quiet in there.

I also learned this really cool thing where I sit up on my knees and bounce up and down. Mommy says, “Isaiah, lay down” a lot when I do this. I just smile at her because it's so much fun.

Sometimes I even stand all the way up and try to look out the window that's above the bed. Mommy picks me up and lays me back down, that's when I know she's serious. I just lay there and look at her. She starts rubbing my forehead and cheek. It feels soooo good that my eyes accidentally close. Then I wake up a lot of whiles later and she's GONE! That makes me sad but then she comes back and lets me get up.

I don't really get it. She takes me to bed when I get sad but then she lets me get up when I get sad. Must be a weird parent thing.

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