Thursday, October 4, 2012

Invasion of the Stink Bugs!

I don't know where you live but where I live stink bugs are taking over the word, seriously, they think they own the place!

I don't know about you but I am NOT a bug (of any kind) person, I hate them! I know hate is a strong word and if there was a stronger word I would use it. I understand that the world needs bugs for whatever and whatever but they need to respect humans personal space and stay OUTSIDE where they belong!

On to the traumatic experience that was today...

We recently started using 2 window air conditioner units in our house (because our main central ac unit stopped working this summer and needs to be replaced), one in the living room and one in our bed room.

The other day I was in the living room and noticed a few stink bugs on and around the window the ac unit was in. I told Alex and told him that I thought they were getting in around the ac unit through little spaces or whatever. He said that it was probably time to take them (the ac units) out for fall/winter anyway.

I got rid of that batch of bugs and a few days went by and the living room remained bug free.

Well today I walked into our bed room and noticed a few (3 or 4) up around the where the wall and ceiling come together. I thought that was strange since I hadn't seen any in there at all, they were only ever in the living room and only that one time the other day. I went back out to get the vacuum (easiest way I've found to get them out without having to get too close to them). I went back in and began sucking them into the vacuum with the long handle attachment thing. As I was getting the few I first saw I noticed a few more on top of the curtain rod. Then a few more on the front of the curtain and a few more on the back side of the curtain and all. over. the window! On the ac unit, IN the ac unit! ICK ICK ICK ICK ICK!!!!!!!

Due to the traumatizing nature of being sucked into the vacuum and swirled around and around like a violent tornado they began to stink up the room. The smell was so bad it was gagging me! I had to stop and leave the room for some fresh air. I went out and told Alex how bad it was and that it was gaggingly disgusting so he asked if I wanted him to go finish getting them up. I said yes and I usually never, never, never let him clean anything (it's just not a guys job in my mind). He went back in and continued finding more inside the curtain once he took it down and even more inside the air conditioner. I came back in armed with a bottle of febreze and I sprayed while he vacuumed.

Once that window was clear of all creepy, crawly pests he moved around the room finding only a few on the other window and a few others here and there that I guess tried to escape their certain death by running and hiding.

Needless to say the ac unit was removed the curtains, shades, bed sheets and blankets were all taken down and washed and the rest of the room was thoroughly scrubbed but I just can't shake the image of them invading that window. ick ick ick ick ick!!!

Normally I would insert a picture here because I'm all about capturing the good, the bad and the ugly in life but I was so incredibly traumatized by the event that I didn't want any reminders of it ever happening!

Even though everything was cleaned up and smelling fresh again I still felt like the house was dirty. After showering and not seeing another stink bug for a few hours I was starting to feel better/cleaner. I am just so thankful that Alex wasn't working a 24, 36 or 40 hour shift as he's been known to do lately. We surly would have been going to a hotel until he came home!

AND As if that weren't bad enough...later, while I was sitting at the computer doing some work I turned around and saw this beast stalking me from the back of the couch!

Seriously nature! Seriously, leave. me. alone!!!

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