Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nursery Theme

Jungle Babies!

We are not going to go with tan walls (like in the picture), we already have a tan school room, hallway and bathroom and we wanted this room to stand out a little more so we are going with a light green.

We are looking to go with one of these paint colors, they probably aren't showing true to life on the computer but it gives you an idea anyway, they seem a little dull compared to what they look like in real life. I think I like Pooh Corner the best. Skipping Stones is a little too "sandy" and I think Tinker Bell is a little brighter than we wanted.

Here are the matching accessories for this set.

The “nursery” currently has purple walls with a pink kitten border going around the room (it came that way).

The house actually came with a "girl room" and a "boy room", both already painted and themed. The current "boy room" worked out perfectly because it's mostly white with one wall painted blue half way up, with a sports border going all the way around and Tim loves sports of all kinds so it worked out well. The "girl room" would have gotten changed whether we were having a girl or a boy because I don’t like the purple walls or the kitten border.

The room is currently occupied with things we haven’t done anything with yet (pictures in frames that need to be hung, pictures not in frames that never will be framed or hung, scrapbooking stuff, boxes we never unpacked and other miscellaneous items) . I have taken before pictures and will also take during and after pictures and make another post once things are more underway.

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