Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not Back To School Blog Hop: Day in the Life

We find that our little lamb does his best work first thing in the morning (before he has time to play video games, computer games, play outside or anything else that he won’t want to step away from to do school work). We usually get started between 8 – 8:30am.

We usually start out with something easy, reading, to ease him into the day. Then we break for breakfast. We then move on to something he doesn’t like so much, spelling. Then something that usually takes a while, math. After that pretty much anything goes, we let him choose the subjects in the order he wants to do them.

Each day we cover reading, spelling, math, language, cursive writing, history, science and health, I think that’s all. We usually finish up around 12, just in time for lunch!


  1. Great "Day in the Life"! Homeschoolers have so much fun. I love how homeschooling allows for flexibility of timing our days...I have several daughters that prefer to start later.

    Thanks for sharing and have a very enjoyable 2010-2011 school year!

  2. I LOVE that it doesn't take so long to do homeschooling! My kids are young so we get it done in an hour or so!
    Following you from the Not Back to School Hop!

  3. I agree that it is certainly possible to get what you need to do by noon. There is so much to learn in the world around us that much sitting past noon Thanks for the post. :)

  4. Your little guys is so cute~ thanks for sharing your day! Congrats on your pregnancy. I am now your newest blog follower!


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