Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Ideas

*Disclaimer: This post may be boring to some as it is mostly for my Florida family and friends that won't be attending the party...but you can virtual attend too if you'd like!

Isaiah turns 1 in next month! Ahhh!! How has it been a year already!!

We are going with a balloon themed party because he *loves* balloons and balls too. He even says ba for ball or balloon, not mom or dad, nope, it's BA any time he sees one.

We are having the party at a park because we are inviting more people than we have seats for at our house. Here are some party ideas so far...

I want to have a balloon banner like this one...

Or maybe this (easier but not as grand) one...
I also wanted to make this balloon wreath but since we are going to the park and I won't have a door to hang it on I'm not so sure anymore.
I also thought this would be neat, to have the balloons hanging from the pavilion rafters.
As for food I'm thinking:
Watermelon because it's one of his favorite foods right now.
So is string cheese... 
Chocolate chip cookies made in the waffle iron - they're more fun this way!
Raspberries with chocolate chips in them - so easy and looks pretty!
And last but not least Strawberries cheesecakes!
We will also have a main meal type food, we are currently debating between pizza or chicken. Pizza is easier but the chicken is oh so yummy!

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