Monday, August 8, 2011

Everyone Loves A Carnival!

A few weeks ago we went to a carnival a local fire company hosted. It was lots of fun. See for your self!
Alex, Tim and Phil went on the Bumper Cars!
 Then Phil convinced Alex to ride the Zipper!
Phil kept trying to flip the cage while Alex tried to counter his movement so it wouldn't flip. Alex lost, it flipped, several times!
 Next up was the FUN Slide! Where Tim almost fell from the top trying to get situated in his burlap bag thing.
 They also convinced Alex to ride the Himalaya! I'm starting to think you could convince him to do just about anything! Everyone's all smiles so far...oh wait, the ride isn't moving yet.

 More around and around...and around and around.
 Alex is starting to look a little scared!
 Um...yeah. No words. lol
 I think Alex has hit his "fun" limit for the day week month.
 Isaiah was content with his soft pretzel.
 These loonies decided to go on it again.
 Look out, he's gonna BLOW!
Just kidding, he didn't. But this does look kind of painful for him.

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