Friday, August 5, 2011

Fishing Creek

As I've stated in previous blogs that we pretty much live in the middle of nowhere so we tend to come up with our own (maybe not so normal) things to do to entertain ourselves. This is one of those things.

Play in Fishing Creek!

There's a road that runs along a creek, "runs along" is sort of an understatement as the road and creek actually intertwine with each other. Meaning there are sections of the road where you have to drive through the creek to get to the other side of the road!


The creek runs this way --- and the road runs this way |. Hopefully you can make sense of that looking at the picture. lol

Alex, Tim and Isaiah playing in the road section of the creek. As you've probably guessed there usually isn't much "traffic". 

Alex and Isaiah enjoying the warm sun and cool water.

Tim skipping rocks. He always tries to teach me but I can never seem to do it.

He tries to find little rocks to chew on. eww.

We went for a walk and Tim didn't have shoes on so Alex offered him a piggy back ride and when Isaiah saw Daddy carrying someone else he thought Daddy needed to be carrying him too. Even though I was already carrying him. lol

Laying in the road. Doesn't everyone do that?

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