Friday, August 26, 2011

Waffle Cookie Fail

So, remember, here, when I talked about wanting to make chocolate chip cookies in the waffle iron because it would be fun and look neat?


It didn't go over so well. I thought I should try it to make sure it worked out BEFORE the party instead of waiting until the day before or the day of to try, and fail.

Here's what happened...

A big pile of cookie fail. The cookies were too soft to remove from the iron so they just crumbled. I'm not exactly sure what went wrong, it could have been a number of things.

1. I used a prepackaged cookie mix (one where you only add like 2 ingredients)
2. Maybe my waffle iron was too hot (maybe if the heat was lower I could have left them on longer and they would have been firmer/crispier)
3. Maybe I tried to remove them too soon (but I was worried they would burn - again, to #2)

If anyone has any suggestions for making successful waffle iron cookies they would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Baking is so out of my league! I am following you now though! I found you on the So Followed Saturday hop. You can find me at Good luck with retrying the recipe.

  2. You have to let cookies cool and harden before you take them off the cookie sheet. So if you let the waffle iron cool completely it might have come off if you greased it well before hand, but generally cookies don't hold together very well. We don't use eggs and sometimes use milk and it is a pretty good binder, might be what holds waffles and pancakestogether. Waffles are a lot like pancakes just more oil so if you modify your recipe with old and milk so it's basically a waffle with chocolate chips and brown sugar, ti will probably work ok. Anyway it takes good so I'm sure you'll get volunteers to polish off any mistakes in your trial and error :)


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