Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Due Date Doctors Appointment

So as I mentioned yesterday I was given two different due dates (9/14 and 9/15 – wow, big difference right) well today was/is due date #2 and my doctors office insisted I schedule an appointment on my due date for a nonstress test, ultrasound and weekly check up.

We arrive and get started with the ultrasound, it was just a quick, maybe 10 minute long, ultrasound to check the baby’s heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder and amniotic fluid level – everything checked out perfectly!

They didn’t print pictures of this ultrasound but Alex took one with his phone. It’s a little hard to make out because it’s so zoomed in on the ultrasound screen but it’s a picture of his head.

Next we moved on to the weekly vitals check.
- My weight: 167.6
- Blood pressure: 120/80
- Baby’s heart rate: 140 bpm
- Dilation: 2 cm

After that we went in for the NST (nonstress test). It was a tough test let me tell you! I had to lay there for 20 minutes AND drink a strawberry juice box! LOL!

NST photo and description

Finally we had our visit with the doctor (midwife this time). She went over all the test results and said everything looked perfect! She measured my belly and checked my cervix. She said I was dilated 2 centimeters (so pretty much no change in the past 2 weeks). Then she did a procedure called membrane sweeping. So far I have had no signs/symptoms/side affects that the membrane sweep worked/will work, I haven't even had any of the uncomfortable side affects she said I would probably have weather it worked or not, guess I'm lucky...or not, I'm not really sure. lol She did say that the tests I had done today were scheduled too early and that they don't normally do them ON your due date so I'm not sure why they had me schedule this appointment in the first place. She wants the tests re-done on Monday, IF I'm still pregnant, I told her I would be. lol So my next appointment is scheduled for 9/20, just one day shy of 41 weeks, we will see what the next 5 days holds for us.

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